Behaviour Basics for Parents

for indie author Tracey Campbell

Services included: Cover design, page design, eBook production

The journey: This was our first project with Tracey, but it was her second book and so it was important to her that we considered brand consistency.

We designed a cover that would sit well next to Tracey’s first book, using her brand colours and a silhouetted image. We let the image take a supporting role for this particular cover, as Tracey needed a design that focussed on the title and subtitle, so that the content of the book was immediately apparent to potential customers. We made the silhouetted scene by stitching together half a dozen stock images, with the aim of presenting characters that any family could imagine themselves being represented by, with the older child symbolically reaching out for independence while still being supervised.

We typeset the pages for Tracey’s book in the same style as her first title, including black and white illustrations, extracts, quotes, bullet-pointed lists, and summary boxes at the end of each chapter. We also produced a MOBI file so Tracey could sell her book through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Tracey says: ‘It was a delight working with Lucy and her team. Their professionalism and efficiency were both impeccable.’

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