COLLAP$E – Henry Crowne Series (Book 1)

series design for indie author Freddie P. Peters

Services included: Cover design, page design & typesetting, eBook production

The journey: Freddie needed a striking series design for her trilogy of financial crime thrillers. We discussed the themes, locations, characters, and synopses of all three novels from the start, so we could get a strong overview of what was needed for the covers. We wanted to make the thriller genre very clear, and to hint at the elements of espionage, greed, secrets, and destruction. We also knew Freddie wanted a really striking graphic and colourful look for the series, so we started looking at colour palettes early on to make sure the covers create a strong impression when lined up together on Freddie’s website and promotional materials.

We used the cover fonts on the title pages, and typeset the bulk of the book in a classic serif font, with the occasional email extract presented in a sans serif, before converting the print files into MOBI format for release on Kindle Direct Publishing. We also designed an invitation for one of Freddie’s launch events. We completed production on Book 1 (COLLAP$E) in May 2018 and look forward to working with Freddie on Book 2 (BREAKING POINT) later this year.


Freddie says: ‘It was such fun to develop the book cover with Lucy at H&H! I created the story of my thriller, COLLAP$E, and she created the perfect book cover, with some brilliant ideas for the rest of the trilogy. H&H also made it easy to do the copy-edit and proofread, thank you Catriona and Melanie. Also fab technical support surrounding publication from Helena. A great experience that makes self-publishing enjoyable!’

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