Forgotten Feng Shui

for indie author Mike Chester

Services included: Cover design, typesetting, eBook production

The journey: In this non-fiction illustrated title, indie author Mike skips past the cheesy indoor water features and explores the basics of feng shui – energy flow and the five elements – and in a very practical way wonders what would happen if they were applied in a much wider context.

He wanted a cover design that avoided clichéd imagery of flowers or Japanese interior decor, and hinted instead at his ideas for the ancient principles being applied at city-planning level. We created a clean, crisp image from multiple layers, keeping the colours soft and gentle, and the fonts fuss-free. We experimented with integrating imagery of locks or keys into the subtitle ‘buried treasure’, but decided instead to keep it minimal, making the text a goldish yellow and anchoring it at the bottom of all the cover elements.

We designed the pages for Mike’s book to match the cover, using the same font for the title and subtitles throughout. We also added in lots of diagrams and small illustrations, and it was vital that we arrange the text flow so that all pictures appeared next to the relevant part of the manuscript. Once we finished work on the paperback edition we also provided eBook versions for Mike.

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