House of America Welsh language edition (Gwlad yr Addewid)

typesetting for publisher Parthian Books

Services included: Typesetting

The journey: Parthian had commissioned actress Sharon Morgan to translate Ed Thomas’ famous play (adapted to film in 1997) from English to Welsh language. They needed us to typeset the new translation in the traditional format required for scripted drama publications.

We’re not Welsh speakers, so attention to detail during the typesetting was essential, as was an excellent understanding of traditional proofreading symbols, to make sure that the pages were handed over in a perfectly polished state when Parthian were ready to send the book to print.


Richard Davies, MD at Parthian says: ‘I always feel Head & Heart care about each individual project they work on with us – it’s like having another production department on call, happy to discuss ideas and adjust specifications with a real understanding of the whole process.’

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