Love and Death in Shanghai

for indie author Elizabeth J. Hall

Services included: Cover design, typesetting, eBook production

The journey: For her debut novel, which follows a detective as he arrives in Shanghai to live and work, Elizabeth J. Hall wanted a cover that let the reader know they could expect some romance, but perhaps also some violence. Her readership would be mostly female, with most sales via Amazon, and so the main elements of the cover needed to be clear and legible even when viewed on-screen at just an inch high. We drafted up several concepts for the cover, but agreed to move forward with an option that included some very pretty pink magnolias (the national flower of Shanghai), set against a backdrop of oriental wallpaper with layer of barbed wire subtly superimposed over it.

We produced an elegant page design, using the title font from the cover, and allowing plenty of white space on the first pages of each chapter. We also produced the eBook for Elizabeth in the form of EPUB and MOBI files.

Elizabeth says: ‘My book has just been published, largely due to the wonderful services of Head & Heart. They supported me all the way, finding relevant people to help at different stages. They designed a brilliant cover. In all phases, Lucy consulted me about progress and was totally encouraging. I would recommend their services to anyone needing help in publishing independently.’

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