My Shakespeare

for EER Publishing

Services included: Artworking, typesetting, eBook production

The journey: One of over a dozen projects either completed or lined up for production with us from academic publisher EER. We designed and typeset the pages, and then produced eBook editions for this anthology of essays from multiple authors. Academic titles are some of the more challenging books we produce due to additional formatting time and skills needed to make sure that endnotes, extracts, small illustrations etc. look good in the printed editions but also when converted into flowable eBook files.

EER had a front cover already, created by designer John Tollett, but asked us to take that design and artwork it into full print-ready files according to the printer’s specifications. We did two versions of the cover for them, one paperback, and one ‘printed papercase’ hardback (where the cover design is printed onto paper then wrapped and glued directly to the board of the cover, instead of wrapping a dust jacket loosely around it).

John Spiers, Publisher at EER, says: ‘Any publisher would be fortunate to have access to the skills, care, professionalism, and high-quality work that Head & Heart deliver. We have found them always reliable, as well as friendly and prompt (and affordable). In my career as the publisher of more than 2,000 books I recognise the best when I see it!’

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