The Quadrants of Influence

leadership guides for indie author Bill Mather.

Services included: Artworking, page design, typesetting

The journey: Bill asked us to help him put together this set of pocketbook-sized leadership guides. He had the cover designs just about ready to go, so we helped him pick out the colours for these, and artworked them to the printer’s paperback specifications, including French folds to the front and back.

The manuscripts included lots of sections and subsections, tables, diagrams, bullet-pointed lists, and highlighted extracts, so we needed to come up with design for the pages that clearly divided these elements, while also making sure there wasn’t too much going on with each page. We had to keep the page sizes small to fit the ‘pocket-book’ requirement of the brief, and had to limit the page count as much as possible to keep the proportions compact – while allowing a full page for each highlighted extract.

To achieve this, we used a relatively small font for the bulk of the text, and created visual divisions of the elements by carrying through the main colour of the cover for each book into the pages. The result was a strong series brand that allowed each individual book its own identity – one of the more technically complicated and rewarding projects we’ve worked on!


Bill says: ‘Head & Heart’s service was better than even my highest expectations. The design theme they created for my series of leadership guides provides a strong and attractive identity. The care taken to produce a faultless set of publications was exceptional. Throughout they have provided options and a personal service, showing just how important professionalism and customer care is to Lucy and her team. And they provide really good value. Thank you – brilliant!’

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