The Sam Smith Mysteries

series design for publisher Goylake.

Services included: Cover design

The journey: Goylake had been publishing Hannah Howe’s books for some time, but knew they could reach a much wider audience if they improved their cover designs. They came to us with a strong idea of what they needed, and knew that they wanted as much consistency as possible across the series, which meant the design process was relatively quick and simple. We offered a few draft options for the first book in the series and, once we had an approved version, we could use that for the rest of the titles.

For this series, Goylake would send over stock images they had found and we’d feed back to them on what would or wouldn’t work before agreeing on an image that both represented the content for each book and would fit well visually within the context of the series.

The books are published as eBooks only, so we knew the covers would be judged on-screen, and so really had to appeal to readers even when viewed as small thumbnails. We’re delighted that the series redesign was hugely successful in boosting their sales, and we’ve worked with Goylake on several different projects since.


Daniela Jones, MD at Goylake says: ‘Head & Heart are a breath of fresh air. They’ve assisted us with several publications, combining friendliness, accessibility, professionalism, attention to detail and speed. Deadlines were met with something to spare and their reports ensured that we published books of quality. We thoroughly recommend Head & Heart, and look forward to working with them on future projects.’

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