for indie author Richard Buxton

Services included: Cover design, typesetting, eBook production, promotional material design

The journey: Richard came to us for help with the first novel in his trilogy of historical fiction. He needed a design that was beautiful and ambiguous, but hinted at the specific area of the US where the bulk of book is set (so we found this shot of the Appalachians on Thinkstock.com), and at the Civil War period (so we added the stars, a subtle reference to the Confederate flag). Like most books these days, we expected the majority of Whirligig’s sales to come through Amazon, so we wanted to produce a bold and simple design that would stand up well both in print format, and when reduced to a thumbnail on-screen. We also needed to be sure we could follow a similar format for the next books in the Shire’s Union series.

For the pages, we had quite a high word count to work with, and knew we wanted to keep the printed book’s proportions reasonable. So, we used a slightly smaller font than usual to keep the page count down a bit, while making sure the books was still easy to read and there was enough white space to avoid the pages looking crowded. Once the print pages were signed off and uploaded to CreateSpace and IngramSpark’s print-on-demand platforms, we produced EPUB and MOBI files for Richard so readers could also enjoy his book on Kindle, Kobo, and other devices.

We also developed some supporting material for Richard – website and social media banners and some bookmarks. We’ve since worked on a second project for Richard too – a novella called Battle Town, for which we produced a cover design and eBook files. We’re looking forward to working with Richard on the next instalment of the Shire’s Union trilogy later this year.

Richard says: ‘I adored working with Lucy and her team. You tend to think the fun part is over when you’ve typed ‘The End’, but not so. Designing the cover for Whirligig with Lucy was truly rewarding. She has a way or combining authors’ own ideas with her professionalism and skill and, almost a year later, I am still in love with the result. She’s equally adept at steering her talented team so you get a great paperback and eBook product. Way better than some book production companies that will charge you much more.’

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