Cover Design

At Head & Heart, we don’t churn out templates. We work within your budget to create bespoke designs best suited to your project. We aim to create book cover designs that look gorgeous, that are appropriate to each book’s content, themes, genre, and audience, and that work as well in print as they do when viewed on-screen as a thumbnail.

We have lots of experience designing book covers for fiction, academic titles, children’s books, and art books, and we can provide your designs, ready to print or upload, in the correct formats for paperbacks, hardbacks, and eBooks. We can even provide extra finishing touches such as spot varnish, foiling, and embossing.

Your Options

Our cover designs usually fall within three categories:

  • A client brings a photo or illustration to us and we work that up into a full cover design.
  • We learn about the book and the client’s ideas, and source suitable imagery from one of our image agencies.
  • We create an original digital illustration, from scratch, for a completely unique design.

Whatever your project, we have the skills and creative vision to bring your cover to life. If you’re not yet sure what you need, we can help you put a brief together before we start exploring and refining design concepts with you.

Contact us about your project and to request our full price guide.

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